With over a 130 five star review you can be assured you will get the highest standard of meat and serves.

When it comes to finding a quality butcher its like winning the lottery. But two butchers has to be the winning ticket. Quality meat, quality service and butchers who remember you, talk to you and remember every conversation with you. These days, good luck in finding anything with personality but this butcher defiantly has it.
I would call it old school loyalty. Stocking quality local organic meat cut straight from the animal in the back room. So so so happy to finally have a great butcher. With unbelievable produce! Keep it up boys.

LordKeir Skeat review

I’m so glad these guys came to Orion. We buy all our meat here and absolutely love everything from the customer service to the variety available. The “mums night off dinners on Thursdays are a great idea too!! The fact that you make really different things keeps me interested and wanting to come back too. Thanks guys.

Renee Templeton review

Amazing quality meat and service. Lovely people who are quick to meet your needs. I’ve struggled to find a butcher to go to a regular basis and I’ve finally found it! The professional look and friendly feel of the place just make you feel comfortable and valued. I can’t wait to try more products!

Belinda Donnini review

Total 5 Star Butchers! Amazing quality and service! Do yourself a favour and pop in. Never had a bad cut or custom service experience. As a Restaurant Manager for 20 years sometimes running premium Steakhouses I can not recommend these guys and gal more highly. Sometimes I have gone in for a particular cut and seen that it was not available in the window. Asked if they had any out back. No problem! Went out back and cut exactly what I wanted. Great work!!!!!

Christopher Steven Tuer review

Everything we have tasted from the Two Butchers is amazing! The boys are committed to sourcing the best quality produce and their passion for their work is evident in everything they sell. Thanks guys for your delicious goodies. Highly recommended!!

Julie Henderson review

This butcher is simply the best. We have purchased sausages, pork belly, chicken schnitzel, chicken wings and kebabs. I swear no word of a lie absolutely everything has tasted fantastic. Admittedly you pay a little more than a supermarket but we will never buy from anywhere else from now only. TWO BUTCHERS IS SIMPLY THE BEES KNEES.

Natalie Philp review

Fantastic quality meat. Outstanding service and the Two Butchers are ever so friendly, very welcoming and informative where their meat comes from. Highly Recommended!

Christine Grisinger review

So…. the sausages and all the amazing flavours they have are to die for and the premium mince is excellent quality.

The customer service is friendly and they have completely changed the way I think of going to the butcher. Steve and Ken are personable and friendly with an absolute “can help with anything” attitude! I love all their ideas and the freshness they bring not only to their products but to their store and the industry as a whole.

I enjoy knowing there are so many fresh and excellent quality products to choose from whenever we go. A five star review really doesn’t do this business any justice so please check them out for yourself as you really do have to experience this butcher for yourself!

Julie Scott Foster review

Over 130 five star reviews!

To all our customers, a HUGE THANK YOU for supporting Two Butchers and local business. We promise to continue to provide great quality meat and service!